• vehicle scrap shear1


  • Adopting the special slewing support, easy operation, stable performance and large torque.
  • The shear employs high wear resistance steel alloy with high strength and large shear force.
  • The blade uses high wear resistance steel alloy and has long service life.
  • The clamping arms fix the vehicle for dismantling in three directions to facilitate the dismantling of the vehicle.
  • The shear with clamping arms can quickly disassemble all kinds of scrapped vehicles.
Dead-weight Kg 1900
Max. opening mm 630
Length mm 2475
Width mm 760
Rotation Mode 360° Hydraulic
Pressure Bar3 320
Root Shear Force Ton 150
Middle Shear Force Ton 106
Fore-end Clamping Force Ton 56
Suitable for the excavators Ton 18-26

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