• hydraulic pile hammer


  • The hydraulic rotary motor and gear are built-in, which can effectively avoid oil pollution and Collision. The gears are convenient for replacement, closely matched, stable and durable.
  • The box adopts an open structure pressure balance and stable heat discharge in the box.
  • It adopts high performance damping rubber box, which has stable quality and long service.
  • It uses original hydraulic motor, which is stable in efficiency and outstanding quality.
  • The tong cylinder has strong thrust and keeps the pressure. It is stable and reliable to ensure that the pile body is not loose and guarantee the construction safety.
  • The tong is made of high wear-resistant steel alloy with stable performance and long service cycle.
Vibration frequency Rpm 2800 2800 3000
Eccentricity momment torque Nm 40 50 65
Exciting force Ton 38 45 60
Main machine weight Kg 2200 2500 2800
Weight of auxiliary arm Kg 800 800 800
Operating preasure of hydraulic system Bar 280 280 300
Flow of hydraulic system l/min 160 180 210
Longest piling length M 9 13 16
Applicable for excavator Ton 18-25 26-35 36-50
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